I can only imagine that it’s a mother being a mother

For mothers of boys, it must seem like much of existence is devoted to making sure their male offspring don’t hurt themselves. Men need women in their lives for many reasons, but steering us away from our intrinsic, self-destructive stupidity masquerading as curiosity ranks near the top. “I wonder what’ll happen if I stick my whole forearm in that anthill.” Mom wasn’t there to stop me, but she was there to coax me out of hysteria and apply ointment to the bites.

Addiction Q&A

Someone recently listened to my interview with Josh Eccleston on his “Jobcast” podcast, bought a copy of my book, read it, and reached out to me with some questions. I did my best to answer them, and I also tried my hardest to avoid letting this get to my head. Oh what the hell? Someone I’ve never met listened to my interview, bought a copy of my book, and e-mailed me! HOLY SHIT! Time to assemble an entourage!